Training programme

This will be a huge advantage in your work. It enables you to approach each customer differently taking into account their preferences and differences..

All three methods are reliable and safe. The microsystem makes the attachments invisible and barely feelable creating maximum comfort. Please note that the programme not only contains theoretical and practical training but also photos of a professional photographer who helps you prepare your first portfolio. In addition to the diploma you get, you'll be able to show your customers 'before' and 'after' photos. This is great advertising for your salon.

You'll find out a bunch of secrets on how to choose, attach and cut hair so that you and your customer will be the only ones who now about the extensions.

This is a one-day training course.

  • Presentation
  • The history of hair extension
  • Different extension methods

  • Hot fusion
  • Keratin method
  • Püstolmeetod
  • Gun method
  • Cold fusion
  • Strips
  • Clamps
  • Glue method
  • Tress method

  • Remy hair, No Remy hair, Double drawn, Single drawn;
  • Analysis of natural hair available in the Russian market and differences in their treatment: Asian, Indian and Slavic hair.
  • Analysis of hair attachment methods: keratin, silicone, gum, wax, tape, glue.
  • The business side of the service in beauty salons.

  • Consultation and preparations before attachment of hair extensions;
  • Technological process of hair extension;
  • Adaption: cutting extended hair and hairdos, special tools;
  • Juuksepikenduste kodune hooldus, spetsiaalsed vahendid;
  • Hair extensions' maintenance at home, special tools;
  • Removal of hair extensions;
  • Dyeing and perming extended hair.

  • Division into zones;
  • attachment of hair extensions on a mannequin in three methods: - keratin method - strip method; - micro clamp method
  • Removal of hair extensions;
  • Correction of hair extensions; 
  • To participants who completed the seminar, a certificate and a set of learning materials will be given.

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